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Auto Buddy Icon 1.0 [Mar. 12th, 2009|09:19 am]


[music |On The Water - The Walkmen]

xv and I came up with an AppleScript that either captures your iSight or USB camera or your currently playing album art in iTunes and sets that as your iChat buddy icon. Most the hard work capturing the image was his. I wrote most of the error handling and program flow.

Download Auto Buddy Icon 1.0 from my iDisk public folder.

Version 1.0 requires downloading and installing the isightcapture CLI program to the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/iChat folder. If you know a GNU GPL or FOSS method of capturing a frame from a webcam on a Mac, I'm welcome to suggestions.

If you have problems, errors, or want help, please come to me first for support.